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Meet Dr. Kent Brown

Dr. Kent Brown and Wife | Brown Family Dentistry | Fort Worth Texas

For almost 40 years, Dr. Kent R. Brown has been delivering quality dental care to patients across the Fort Worth area. Dr. Brown is a Fort Worth native. He completed his undergraduate studies at Texas Wesleyan University and earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Texas School of Dentistry at Houston. After completion of dental school, Dr. Brown returned to his hometown and began his career as a practicing dentist. Through the years, Dr. Brown has been very committed to improving his community and has been involved in a variety of service activities, including providing screenings and treatment to children who have no other resources to receive dental care.

With a commitment to delivering the highest level of comprehensive and compassionate dental care, Dr. Brown has stayed current and proficient with leading edge dentistry. He participates regularly in continuing education and advanced courses increasing his ability to provide optimum dental care to his patients.

Dr. Brown and his wife, Connie, also a Fort Worth native, are the proud parents of three children, Elizabeth and spouse Matt, Jake and spouse Emily and Max and spouse Remy. Additionally, they are the proud grandparents of Caroline, Miles, Barron and Evelyn. When not practicing dentistry, Dr. Brown enjoys traveling, spending time with his family and is on the golf course as often as possible.

Dr. Kent Brown | Dr. Jacob Brown | Brown Family Dentistry | Fort Worth Texas

In August of 2011, with great pride Dr. Brown welcomed his son, Dr. Jacob S. Brown, into his dental practice forming Brown Family Dentistry. Dr. Kent R. Brown states, “I have spent my entire professional career taking care of so many wonderful patients. It gives me comforting satisfaction to know that my son, Jake, will continue the legacy that means so much to me.

In keeping with his dedication to the profession of dentistry, Dr. Brown is a member of the following professional associations:

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